SATURDAY SCREEN TIME is a weekly feature on Artsy Draft where I share my weekly watching update. This feature was originally created by Tracy @ Cornerfolds and has been permitted to be recreated on Artsy Draft.

This week, I’ve been in the mood to watch something lighter and more fun. I’ve been planning to watch Five Feet Apart for quite a while even though I haven’t got a chance to read the book yet, and Friend Zone was totally an impulsive decision that turns out to be pretty good!

Five Feet Apart (2019) — To be honest, I had a low expectation for this movie ever since I saw the trailer. It looked like The Fault in Our Stars 2.0 and I’m not saying that TFIOS is bad, but the concept and plot are quite mediocre. So, I was really surprised when the movie turned out to be pretty good. I even shed a tear or two towards the ending. (3/5)

Friend Zone (2019) — Don’t you just love it when you randomly entered a cinema, had absolutely no plan to watch anything, so you kinda just pick a random movie that seems decent, and it turned out to be more than decent? That’s pretty much the case with Friend Zone. I recognized Pimchanok Leuwisetpaiboon from A Little Thing Called Love (2010), hence one of the reasons why I impulsively decided to watch this movie. And it’s not bad! I was annoyed with the never-ending ad-placements, but the comedy and chemistry between Gink and Palm really paid that off. (3/5)

Have you watched any of these movies? If so, what do you think of it?

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