SATURDAY SCREEN TIME is a weekly feature on Artsy Draft where I share my weekly watching update. This feature was originally created by Tracy @ Cornerfolds and has been permitted to be recreated on Artsy Draft.

I’ve been quite nervous about starting yet another weekly feature on my blog but here we are, I guess. So far, my watching has been really slow this year and I have no idea why I still have the nerve to do this feature. But anyway, welcome to my first weekly watching update and here are a few notable watches from earlier this year.

Velvet Buzzsaw (2019) — It’s one of those intellectual thriller movies that require you to analyze almost every scene very carefully to be able to fully grasp what’s the movie actually about. I’m not too critical and I’m not even going to lie, I almost had no idea what’s happening throughout the movie. And this is also not helping my high expectation toward the cinematography aspect. This movie is about art and of course, I expected beautiful and brilliant shots from it. Although there are a few good art-scenes here and there, it’s not enough to entertain me from feeling lost due to the unstructured plot. (2.5/5)

Us (2019) — I 👏 LOVE 👏 THIS 👏 As a huge fan of Get Out (2017), I couldn’t be more excited when I heard the news about this movie. I believe that Jordan Peele could bring something more than just jump scares or terrifying monsters, and I was right. Taking a look at his previous movie, it’s obvious that Jordan Peele was being consistent by bringing deeper issues within his movies. Also, I want to give a massive appreciation for the multiple brilliant, chilling, and uncomfortably-scary shots throughout this movie. Because hands down, it’s easy to make a jump scare, but to make your audience feel uneasy from a two minutes close-up shot of rabbits? Only geniuses can do that. (4.5/5) (Full Review)

Have you watched any of these movies? If so, what do you think of it?

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