Ahhh, more award post, yay! This is my very first Flawesome Award and I want to thank Geraldine @ Geraldine Talks and Souad @ A Day in My Life for nominating me! This is also my first time to heard about this award, but basically, it’s an award to embrace your weaknesses and turn it into strengths. We all had our flaws, so why don’t turn it into something awesome? Again, thank you Geraldine & Souad for thinking of me and my blog for this award! If you haven’t follow them yet, you should totally do it now! Geraldine writes all about fun lifestyle-related posts on her blog and Souad writes a lot of story times and product reviews! Go check them out!

Anyway, The Flawesome Award was originally created by Sophia Ismaa who specifically wanted us to celebrate our flaws! Sophia’s description of the award:

“It’s time to celebrate the flaws that make you awesome. How many times do we see an award that celebrates all things bright and shiny and sunny in a person? How often do we forget that our weaknesses can be a strength? Our flaws make us human, our flaws tell us more about who we are, and in turn, we turn those flaws into awesome strengths. In short, our flaws make us #flawesome”.

The Flawesome Rules:

  1. Write about 3 of your flaws or weaknesses
  2. Then turn it into a positive thing or strengths
  3. Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award

I’m naturally quiet and shy. Don’t worry, it’s not you, it’s me. I guess I’m not just as outgoing and talkative, especially around those who I just met and barely knew. Even sometimes around those who I already knew, but haven’t talk with for a long time. I think the positive value from this aspect of myself is that I become more observant and better listener. I realized that whenever I’m being quiet and just sit there, paying attention to the conversation happening around me, I become more sensitive to my surroundings. I get to study what people thinks and how they reacts in conversation, which is pretty cool, because sometimes people says one thing but their initial reaction was completely different. Which is perfectly fine, by any means. Maybe they’re just trying to be polite and it’s not a wrong thing to do, in my opinion. But I think it’s quite important to understand how someone feels without asking them to tell it directly to you.

I guess I have a high attention to details? It’s in question marks because I’m not sure whether it’s a weakness or not. I guess it can be, because this makes me takes longer to finish something. I mean, almost everything. It took me hours to make a good presentation slides, not because of the contents, but because I tried to make everything looks perfect (I’m talking about image pixels here), I checked my door before I left for about three times because I’m just paranoid, and sometimes, whenever I read a book or watch a movie and there’s some interesting facts that I just knew at the moment, I’ll pause whatever thing I was doing and end up doing research about that one particular fact, just because! But oh well, at least by having this trait, I have a better result in whatever I’m working on.

I hate to admit this one, but I’m a deadline type of person. Maybe the adrenaline feels good, I’m not sure. The positive side of this trait? I can work under pressure. Yay me.

And that’s a wrap! Now, I’d like to nominate this award to these 10 amazing bloggers (who’s already awesome, by any means!):

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  1. Thank you for tagging me! Haha I can so relate to the perfectionism, to the pixel – and I also have the door checking thing. Recently found out it’s got a name and it’s actual OCD. Which is a flaw, but in certain ways it’s also good because I can keep lists and keep things in check, always knowing what’s done and what’s not 🙂

    1. You’re welcome, Evelina! Actually, I’ve been considering it as the symptoms of OCD, but I’ve never seen an actual doctor so I don’t think it would be fair if I labeled myself. But yeah, it’s good to make sure everything is done properly! 🙂

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