This week has been pretty slow and I want to apologize for lack of contents on my blog. But today, I’m here with a review of Child of the Moon by Jessica Semaan. I received an ARC via NetGalley from Andrews McMeel Publishing in exchange for a honest review. Not gonna lie, I initially hooked because of its cover (duh), but after reading many great reviews from others, I know that I have to read it too.

Child of the Moon by Jessica Semaan

Published by Andrews McMeel Publishing on January 8, 2019. Classified as Poetry. Received via NetGalley as an eARC.

In her debut collection, Semaan offers an upfront & moving glimpse into the true nature of healing: an imperfect, nonlinear journey”-Amanda Lovlace, bestselling author of the princess saves herself in this one. An illustrated poetry collection about finding light in the darkness. Set against the backdrop of the Lebanese Civil War and the author’s turbulent family life, Child of the Moon is a powerful reflection on her journey through fear, shame and despair, and the unconditional love that helped her begin to heal from childhood trauma.

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Jessica Semaan’s Child of the Moon is nothing like any poetry book I’ve ever read before. Each page is full of surprises and I love the freestyle writing of it. It’s dynamic. Some only consist of one single sentence, some feels like a short essay but I’m all in for it. This book is one wild ride. Aside from Semaan’s childhood experiences, traumas and pains, she also complemented it with sweet verses of self-love and recoveries.

“You want me to describe the pain. It is one year old, it can’t speak. You want me to stop the pain. It is generations old, it’s too much for me.”Jessica Semaan in Pain #1, Child of the Moon pg. 45

One thing I discovered from reading this book is a free-verse poetry can works well. I used to be a fan of properly written poetry with rhymes and highly used of metaphors. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t read as much free-verses before but now that I did, I feel so close-minded but also motivated to explore my readings.

“And then I saw the child in you and you. Mama, Papa, you are hurting, too.”Jessica Semaan in Forgiveness #1, Child of the Moon pg. 94

Also, the using of illustrations in this book are amazing. They’re beautiful and I found the metaphor itself transformed in each of the drawings. I like how it looks as if someone actually hand-drawn them and not doing it digitally. Maybe it is! But despite of the drawing technicality, it looks gorgeous no matter what. Final thought? 4 out of 5 stars.

This book will be published on January 8, 2019. If you’re looking forward to purchase this book (and support my blog!), you can purchase it through my affiliate links below!

Artsy Draft receives a small commission for any purchases made through the links above.


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