Sunday Showdown #2: Terror Train

Memes Sunday Showdown

Sunday Showdown is a weekly meme hosted by Vinny @ Artsy Draft which based on the Letterboxd’s weekly showdown. It allows the participants to share their top # (5, 10, 20 or maybe more!) movies based on the certain weekly theme. Additional of quick reviews + explanation about the list is more than welcome, as the purpose of this meme is to discuss about our interest for movies, encourage a fun discussion in the community and share about incredible movies so others can see them as well and perhaps watch them too!

“Last year we asked for your favorite Halloween films. This year we’re narrowing it down and closing in on your top slasher flicks. The criteria: the killer is human, whether or not they wear a ski-mask or are otherwise deformed (we’ll allow a human soul inhabiting another form); and there’s a high body count, even if the villain is ultimately stalking one particular victim. It’s time to get your gory lists in order, so lock the doors, don’t answer the phone, hide the power drill, and for the love of Jamie Lee Curtis, don’t go in the house.” Letterboxd

1. Macabre (2009)

This is my all time favorite slasher ever! If you’re a fan of gory movies with tons of blood, emotionless but creepy characters and a sprinkle of cannibalism, then you need to watch this immediately!

2. Slice (2005)

To be honest, I can’t remember how and why I watched this in the first place. Probably a recommendation from some friends. But this movie is very sadistic. I can’t even watch some of the scenes because it’s just too much. There’s a lot of movie with similar plot to this one, however, I put this movie as my second favorite because of the drama in its back story. The characters in this movie are solid and complex. A good man isn’t always innocent. A villain isn’t always evil. Every villain has their own reason, but this one is going to make you cry.

3. Kill Bill (2003)

That final fighting scene between Beatrix & O-Ren Ishii? No words, honestly.

4. Final Destination (2000-2011)

This franchise served us so good with it’s gory scenes. Each movie has their own iconic scenes, but I guess the third movie have a special place in my heart because it’s the first movie from this franchise that I watched.

5. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984-2010)

Freddie Krueger is one classic horror icon and that knives fingers will forever haunted me.

6. Saw (2004-2017)

We can’t just skip this movie(s) if we’re talking about slasher films, am I right?

7. Scream (1996-2011)

Honestly, I haven’t re-watch this movie for quite a while, but again, it’s a classic slasher!

8. Cube (1997)

One of my favorite psychological thriller with a twist of slasher in it! It’s not the most clever movie ever made, but it’s definitely entertaining.

9. House of Wax (2005)

I watched this one when I was 14 and it scared the shit out of me. It’s the most gory movie that I’ve ever seen during that age and nightmare followed afterwards for several days.

10. The Machine Girl (2008)

Again, one of the movie that I have no idea how and why I watched it in the first place. As far as I can remember, I randomly found the DVD in my house (I can’t even remember whose DVD it is!). I used to think this movie as a hardcore horror movie back then. But now that I’m making this list and looking up for its trailer, the movie is actually quite silly and cheesy. However, if you’re only looking for some light gore movie (yes, I just invented that term) with no deep plot whatsoever, then you might enjoy this one.

You can check the original list that I created here. And those are my picks for this week’s showdown! Feel free to share your favorite slashers on the comment section below!

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Now, my questions are:

  • Have you watched any of these movies? If so, what do you think of it?
  • What are your picks for this week’s showdown?

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