Welcome to the Blogtober series! It’s my first time to join this exciting event since it’s also my first year after deciding to blogging again. For this year, I decided to do a whole month of challenge which created by Lucy @ Lucy Goes to Hollywood. I found out about this challenge on her Twitter#LGTHOctoberChallenge is a horror movie challenge that created by Lucy @ Lucy Goes to Hollywood that runs for the entire October. The prompt for Day 5 is most underrated film. Here’s mine!

Okay, if we’re really going to talk about underrated movies, there are sooo many of it. Not saying that all of ’em was totally amazing, though, but most of them are pretty decent and entertaining. I think one of the underrated movies that pops instantly in my head is Hush (2016). The movie was brilliant and I like to assume that it somehow inspired Don’t Breathe (2016)? Of course, just another wild conspiracy theory since the release dates are pretty close to one another.

However, Hush (2016) is quite amazing and I’d recommend you to watch it if you like Don’t Breathe (2016). The concept is almost similar, but has different plot and execution.

If you want to join the challenge, here‘s the prompt that Lucy made for the whole month of October.

What about you? What is your most favorite underrated film and why?

*Original image belongs to Raw Pixel on Unsplash

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